Dear Potential New Members,

The central focus in Alpha Xi Delta is to realize your potential. With that said, school is an important aspect that we take seriously. I fell in love with Alpha Xi Delta because there is an endless support system. Not only do you find relationships life long, you also find relationships that could benefit you in the future. Members are able become a part of different on-campus academic honor societies such as Order of Omega, Gamma Sigma Alpha, etc.

Our chapter focuses on reaching your individualized goals. If you are worried that the sorority will take up too much time, don’t be alarmed. Alpha Xi Delta has a lot of resources for sisters who need assistance in their schooling or want to succeed further in their studies.  The main focus is that school always comes first and there are designated times where sisters can get together for study sessions or complete homework assignments. Sisters are encouraged to present academic achievements, including high test scores, attending job fairs and academic workshops. 

Yours truly,

Jocelyn Espanola

Academic Achievement Chair